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Dental Care for the Entire Family

A sparkling smile is a life-long commitment, but our team is here to help.

At Shin Dentistry, we pride ourselves on forming meaningful relationships with our patients to ensure they get the care they need. By getting to know you and your family, we can help support the smile you love.

We’re honoured to be the dental clinic your family chooses to care for your teeth. Get started today and book your next dental appointment at Shin Dentistry.

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What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is focused on detecting, diagnosing, treating, and preventing issues that can affect your teeth and gums. By detecting these issues early, we can help keep your entire mouth healthy.

Regular dental checkups are key to managing these concerns. We recommend having a checkup and cleaning at least every 6 months, but we may recommend more appointments based on our oral health.

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Our Health-Focused Approach

Dental care is about so much more than keeping your teeth clean—it’s about managing your oral health and preserving your smile for life.

Your oral health doesn’t just include your teeth, either. It also includes your ability to speak, taste, swallow, and chew with comfort and confidence. By taking care of your oral health, you’re also taking care of your overall well-being.

What to Expect from Your Dental Exam

Before the Exam

Before the exam, Dr. Shin will have a quick conversation with you to get to know your needs. Please let him know if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have allergies
  • Have any medical conditions
  • Take medications
  • Have current oral health concerns

During the Exam

During the exam, we’ll look for:

  • Damaged or missing teeth
  • Signs of cavities
  • Bite problems
  • Signs of bleeding or inflammation
  • Problems with your jaw health

After the Exam

After the exam, we may perform some X-rays and provide 3D renderings of your smile for future reference.

You’ll then meet our hygienist for a cleaning, or we’ll book your follow-up appointment to address potential concerns.

iTero Digital Scan & Digital Radiography Technology

Technology can elevate every facet of our lives, including the dental care experience. 

At the forefront of a technological revolution in dentistry are iTero digital scans and digital radiography—technologies reshaping how dental professionals diagnose, plan, and deliver services. For patients, this could mean:

  • Less time in the dental chair
  • More comfortable diagnostic procedures
  • Better understanding of your oral health and treatment options

By utilizing these technologies, we’re working to elevate your experience each and every time you visit us.

iTero Digital Scan

The iTero Digital Scan system allows your dentist to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and gums. 

The process can be more comfortable for you and offers immediate visuals that can be used to assess your oral health, plan treatments, and even simulate the outcomes of various dental procedures, such as orthodontic treatments or restorations.

Digital radiography is another approach that has helped us work towards improving our dental care experience. 

Unlike traditional X-rays, digital radiography exposes patients to less radiation while capturing detailed images to diagnose conditions and potentially catch issues early. The digital images can be stored electronically, making them readily accessible for future reference or sharing with other dental professionals.

Our Dental Services

Our comprehensive list of services can help keep your smile bright while allowing us the opportunity to detect, diagnose, and address certain oral health problems before they become more serious concerns.

At Shin Dentistry, we’re here to help support your smile however we can.

Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings are the cornerstones of dental care. During these appointments, we clean away plaque and tartar and thoroughly check your mouth for signs of disease and conditions.

Please visit our Dental Exams & Cleanings page for more information.

Whether you’re looking to restore damaged teeth or want to support the aesthetic look of your smile, crowns and bridges are fantastic strategies. In certain cases, we can even provide same-day crowns thanks to the power of CEREC technology.

Learn more on our Crowns & Bridges page.

Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth aren’t only cosmetic concerns—they could lead to long-term oral health problems if they aren’t addressed. Restorative dental care services can help provide support for your smile and preserve your oral health.

Learn more when you visit our Restorative Dentistry page.

Chipped, broken, or missing tooth? We’re ready to help. Get in touch with us today and find out how our emergency dental services could address sudden or unexpected issues with your smile.

Learn more on our Emergency Dental Care page.

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Our team is ready to support your smile. Start by booking an appointment with us today, and we can take it from there.

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Find us on the corner of Main Street and Tenth Line. We have plenty of parking available in front of our practice.

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